How it works: At locations in Baltimore, Northern Virginia, and Washington, D.C., community groups can sign up for a Wendy’s GeTogether and earn 10 percent of total sales during the fundraising period. (A second GeTogether in 12 months will earn a 15 percent donation, and a third in the same 12-month period will get a 20 percent donation.) There is a minimum attendance that must be met for each event, which will vary by location and by group. A group representative will also need to be present during the entire event. Request a date, time, and location by emailing fundraiser @ wendavco.com or calling 443-292-3970.

Description: Fast-food hamburgers, chicken, and more.

Where: Baltimore, Northern Virginia, and Washington, D.C. (Note: Other Wendy’s locations also do fundraising nights, but details vary by location; contact your local restaurant manager for more information.)

Website: www.wendavco.com/local-promotions

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